Getting into woodworking

Getting into woodworking

I’ve been interested in woodworking for a while, but having always lived in an apartment or traveling, it was hard to get started.

I did try - first I thought I’d get into hand carving. It’s quiet and doesn’t require too much space.

My first attempt ended up with me throwing away the carving knives and finishing with a Dremel. Talk about patience. I got this out of it, but it was pretty clear that wasn’t my path:

At the time, we were living in a 2-bedroom apartment. Plenty of space if you ask me. But Ivana wanted to put one room up on AirBnb, and I couldn’t use it. The room stayed empty for a year before it was listed, but that’s a story for another time.

That left me with our bedroom, which was mostly taken up by the bed, and living room which was also the dining room, and had no space for even a work desk.

Having your bed take up a whole room is a terrible waste of space - especially if space is lacking, so I came up with a brilliant idea. I’d just make a bunk bed, and have a working space underneath.

If small woodworking isn’t the way to go in a small apartment, then big furniture must be!

I designed the bed, got construction lumber cut at the home center and then put it all together inside the room. It took a few days, but I was very happy with the result - I literally got another room!

Ivana was a bit less happy with that as she always felt she’d hit her head on the ceiling (it didn’t happen), but she was willing to put up with it.

By this time, the wood bug had definitely bit. We made plans to move into a house, with the idea to (among other things) have a proper workshop there.

It took a year to move, and another year to fully equip the workshop, but it was definitely worth it.

You just have to work within constraints you’re under, and in some cases that puts a limit on what you can do. But you can always do something.

This blog is meant to serve as a gentle push to anyone who’s interested in doing something but thinks they can’t for one reason or another. There’s always a way.

Oh and, hopefully you learn something from these projects along the way 🙂

Happy making!

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